A Beginner’s Guide To Using Shower Speakers

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Shower Speakers

If you’re a bathroom singer or someone who enjoys starting their day on a positive note, you’re bound to love shower speakers. Thanks to these ingenious devices, you can shower while you listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts.

What Are Shower Speakers?

A shower speaker is a very practical gadget that you can connect to your mobile communication device (or any device with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capability for that matter), and that you can place inside the shower, by the pool or near any water source. Since they are waterproof, they will not get damaged.

Bluetooth shower speaker.

The technology allows you to connect the speaker wirelessly to your phone or tablet to enjoy your favorite playlist in just a few steps. Within seconds you will are able to connect the device and listen to your favorite tunes.

Given that not a lot of people are aware of joys of shower speakers, I this handy guide was created to help you acquire the best shower speaker in the market depending on your needs

History Of Speakers

Simply put, a speaker is a relatively simple device that converts an electrical audio signal into sound energy. In more scientific terms they are known as electroacoustic transducers.

Do you remember the funny trumpet looking thingamabobs on your grandma's phonograph? Well they were called acoustic horns and were the first variation of speakers. Unfortunately, they could not amplify sound very well. As such, by the late 1920s, electric variations began to replace acoustic horns.

All speakers are designed to produce sounds that fall within the human hearing range, which begins at 20 Hz and ends at 16,000 Hz. However, it is not possible for a single loudspeaker (aka driver) to reproduce all those frequencies, which is why the use multiple drivers became more commonplace for better results.

How Speakers Work

Before you purchase a shower speaker or any other similar device, it’s advisable to learn some of the basics of how the device works. It can help you differentiate between low and high quality products. The main speaker system consists of an enclosure that contains the speaker drivers. As previously mentioned, drivers are the round elements which are commonly mistaken for speakers.

The drivers resemble horns or cones, which is why the larger portion of the driver is known as the diaphragm or the cone. The drivers constantly vibrate to create sound. If you want to get a closer look at it, remove the front screen of the speakers and you’ll see the speaker drivers.

Different Sizes Of Speaker Drivers

There are several different sizes of speaker drivers in the market. However, you will find  three basic types which are differentiated based on their frequency. The most common types are:

  • Tweeter Driver: This kind of driver can produce high-frequency sounds ranging above 2000 Hz
  • Mid-range driver: This type of driver is equipped to handle mid-range frequencies ranging from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz
  • Woofer Driver: This type of driver handles low-frequency sounds ranging below 200 Hz.

As mentioned above, no single driver is designed to handle all sounds ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz which is why you should use multiple drivers to experience the full spectrum.

Most speakers typically feature multiple drivers and may feature electronic circuits which are also called crossovers. The main function of these components is to distribute signals to the right driver. In other words, they take a single input signal and creates  three output signals consisting of separated bands of high-, mid-, and low-range frequencies for the appropriate drivers.

Difference Between A Shower Speaker And A Regular Speaker

So why can’t you use a regular shower speaker (or even your phone) for your morning showers? Well, there are a couple of reasons...


First, shower speakers are all about being easy to carry and move around. They are typically very lightweight and small so that music-lovers to take their speakers anywhere they might go. They help you avoid the hassle (and ickiness) of sharing headphones with your buds. Rather they provide an easy way to simply enjoy music with all the people around you. (Editor's Note: Unless you are trying to get nice and cozy to someone, then by all means don't bring the portable speakers.)

Portable speaker.

Does compactness mean users should be worried about the audio quality? No, the small size of shower speakers does not have to affect the overall performance of the device. Nowadays, tiny speakers can produce great acoustics. Additionally, the fact that they are inexpensive does not mean they will be prone to breaking easily.


Number two benefit of shower speakers is that fact that they allow you to seize the day!  You can start your day on a positive and productive note by multitasking during what is otherwise a mundane task. Be it by releasing some stress or by listening to your favorite podcast.

Waterproof Design

Perhaps the most notable difference is that a shower speaker features a waterproof or water-resistant design. This feature enables music enthusiasts to enjoy music in the shower, near pools or even at the beach depending on the speakers' ingress protection (IP) level. A waterproof case on your phone might work but why take the risk of damaging your expensive mobile when there are solid shower speakers for less than $20?  Unexpected splashes of water can damage your phone and result in horrific (and expensive) consequences if you're not careful.

Additionally, unlike traditional waterproof models, dedicated shower speakers can even be placed right next to the showerhead, resulting in better sound quality than when placed on a shelf far away.


Thanks to the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity of shower speakers, you don't have to put up with random radio programming. You can make the most of your limited free time and listen to whatever you specifically want. 

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about getting bombarded with advertisements when listening to your favorite jams! However, if you do want to hear your favorite radio show, some speakers do come with a dedicated FM radio function.

Enabling Users To Practice Their Singing In A Comfortable Environment

Admit it, a lot of us like to sing in the shower. So why not use the opportunity to practice singing without disturbing the neighbors or hearing snarky remarks from your spouse? As Kurt Vonnegut said, "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."

Wi-Fi Vs. Bluetooth

When purchasing a shower speaker,there is a small chance you might need to consider choosing between WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. What's the difference?

Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Most folks prefer using Bluetooth speakers because of their affordable price and ease of use. Aside from enjoying music in the shower, you can also use the speakers outdoors without compromising on sound quality. Over the years, Bluetooth models have undergone several changes and now have several advanced features.

Yes, you can sync the speakers to your iPhone, Android phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device but the downside is you are limited to a 50 feet transmission distance. 

Wi-Fi Speakers

On the other hand, one cannot undermine the popularity of Wi-Fi shower speakers. These speakers can offer more benefits and provide even more features. For example, you can conveniently listen to audio from several sources such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage devices and media servers.

Wi-Fi speakers.

The only downside is that Wi-Fi speakers are ideal for home use only. This means you can't really use the speakers when you are out camping on a summer excursion for example. Nevertheless, you can theoretically use portable Wi-Fi sticks to make the speakers more accessible.

How To Use A Shower Speaker

Okay, so you are convinced shower speakers are the magnificent things you have been missing in your life. You go buy one and then what?

It is important to first read the manual and follow the instructions carefully. Yeah, they shouldn't be complicated but nevertheless, instructions may vary depending on the model.

Here’s a quick general guide to using a shower speaker.

Placement Of Shower Speakers

Since the speaker is waterproof, you can place it inside the shower cubicle. As previously mentioned, some models can even be inserted inside the shower head for even better sound quality. You can also mount shower speakers on the shower glass using the typically included strong suction cups. Other models come with camping clips for even more versatility. You can even hang them from the shower curtain!

In fact, shower speakers can pretty much be positioned anywhere inside the shower cubicle or hung on any surface. The material of the surface does not typically matter. Just place them where most convenient depending on your shower or tub model.

Adjusting The Controls

Most shower speakers feature controls that allow users to switch on or turn off the device, turn up the volume or pause and play a track. That is a no brainer. If you sync them with your phone, some speakers will also enable you to answer phone calls while showering (if that is your thing). Using the speakers' control panel is not a problem since the materials is waterproof so the buttons remain safe to use even when wet.

Pairing The Speaker

As mentioned above, you can easily pair Bluetooth shower speakers with other Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets or other devices. Most devices include special instructions on how you can pair the speakers. Most models require users to push a button on the device or hold it for several seconds.

Once you switch on your phone's (or tablet's) Bluetooth connection, you will automatically find the device on the list. Simply click on the speaker and pair with it. If you can't find the speakers on the list, refresh the search option. Once you establish a connection, you can enjoy your music. The pairing usually only takes a couple of seconds.

Pairing the speaker with other devices.

Tips For Installing Shower Speakers

Shower speakers are a great invention that allows folks to enjoy their favorite songs before heading out for work. However, despite being waterproof, these devices can be potentially dangerous if not installed properly. Here are a couple of tips you should follow for a smooth installation process:

Finding The Right Spot

There are a couple of factors you will need to consider before positioning the shower speakers. For example, for the best sound, you’ll need to position the speakers at head height. However, remember not to position the speaker above the showerhead or else the steam from your hot bath can damage the components of the machine.

Best Shower Speaker Manufacturers

Purchasing the right shower speaker can be challenging since there are many different types and brands to choose from in the market. Investing in the right brand is especially important since you don't want to end up with a poor quality product. Here is a list of some of the best brands out there. The most reputable names in the shower speaker industry include:

Speaker mounted in the shower.


AOMAIS is a relatively new brand that has been able to establish itself as a front runner in in the speaker industry in a short span of time. Unlike other shower speaker brands in the market, this particular brand focuses on manufacturing quality IPX 7 products at an affordable rate. Their speakers range from 8W to 30W.


Hydro-Beat is another brand that is known for manufacturing quality waterproof shower speakers within the Amazon review atmosphere.

They only produce one type of speaker in one color but at 4.5 stars based on 499 reviews, Amazon shoppers can seem to find too many faults with it. The multi-colored LED mood lights seem to be a big hit. 


Doss Audio has been around for almost 18 years and has established quite a name for itself in the audio device industry. The brand was founded in Shenzhen, China and was even involved in the R&D for the speakers on Amazon's Alexa. 

Today, Doss Shower Speakers are used by people from all over the world. Their products are among the best rated on Amazon and are known for their high quality and construction. Aside from their shower speakers, Doss also manufactures some other accessories including outdoor speakers, headphones, and smart speakers.

Cambridge Soundworks

This company is a well-known Massachusetts-based audio brand founded in 1988. The brand's success grew as their products received critical acclaim around the world. Aside from shower speakers, the company also sells several other kinds of loudspeakers for multimedia and home theater purposes as well Bluetooth headphones.

Safety Guidelines For Using Shower Speakers

Last but not least in this handy little guide, it is important to remember that despite being waterproof, shower speakers are nevertheless electronic devices, and thus you must almost use them with great care. Following the different safety measures and guidelines provided in their respective user manuals will ensure your gadgets can last for several years to come. Not to mention, it also guarantees your safety while stream your favorite soundtracks. Death by shower speaker is the last thing you want to be placed on your tombstone ;-).

Child safe shower speaker.

Here are a few safety instructions you should follow when using shower speakers:

Don’t Use The Device When Charging

Don't use the shower speaker when it is charging and connected to a power outlet. In order to charge, the typically waterproof casing is left exposed in order to allow the micro USB cable to connect. Getting water inside the shower speaker at this point can lead to dangerous consequences so always charge the device prior use.

Keep The Speaker Away From Direct Sunlight

Rechargeable devices typically use lithium-ion batteries which have been known to explode after being exposed to high temperatures be it from fire or even prolonged direct sunlight. When exposed to high temperatures, the batteries built-in protection mechanism may activate thus preventing the battery from being charged. Alternatively, the protection circuit may break, resulting in abnormal current or voltage when charging the battery thus potentially leading to overheating, explosion and even fire.

Don’t Insert Sharp Objects In The Device

Inserting sharp objects inside the shower speaker will not only cause scratches but can also alter the physical design of the speaker. In addition, accidentally stabbing a lithium battery can result in an explosion. Simply search "lithium battery stabbing" in YouTube and you will see a number of videos depicting the dangers of mixing sharp objects with lithium batteries. 

Check The IP Rating

Each shower speaker will come with its own Ingress Protection (IP) rating. The IP rating defines the sealing effectiveness of the devices and indicates how much moisture the device can tolerate without becoming destroyed. There can be a big difference between IPX 4 and IPX 7. To be on the safe side, do not immerse the speaker in too much water as it can damage the device.

Keep The Shower Speaker Away From Children

This should be a given, but ensure the shower speaker is out of the reach of children. The device contains small parts that can be choking hazard for kids.

Don’t Try To Conduct Repairs On Your Own

If something goes wrong with the speakers, do not attempt to use your DIY skills. When it comes to electronic repair work, it's best you leave the job up to the professionals. See the section above describing what happens when lithium batteries are mishandled.

Investing in a shower speaker that comes with a good warranty is your best option.

Don’t Listen To Music At A Loud Volume

Enjoy your favorite tracks at moderate sound levels to prevent damage to your ears. In extreme cases, listening to music at loud volumes can result in hearing loss. Not to mention, you won’t be able to make what’s happening in your surrounding if the music is too loud.


If used with care, a shower speaker can amp up your morning routine and start your day on a positive note. There are some small, but potential dangers, but these can be avoided with some common sense. The pros of shower speakers clearly outweigh any potential cons. They will definitely make a huge impact on your life. I can not say enough positive things about them. Just go out and get one. Or even better, get one in Amazon and support this site :-).

Happy woman singing in the shower.

We hope this detailed guide has provided you with helpful  information you need regarding shower speakers. For more pointers, don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide. Keep on singing!

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