Hydro-Beat IPX7 Shower Speaker Review

Hydro-Beat IPX7 Speaker Review

For many of us out there, music is life. It has the power to make our mornings refreshing and turn our evenings rejuvenating. Sometimes, all you need to recharge your batteries is a quick shower with your favorite song playing in the background.

Thanks to technology, there are hundreds of different models of shower speakers that are specifically engineered to perform in wet areas. No matter if you are taking a shower in your bathroom or swimming by your pool, these speakers serve as tools to play your favorite radio music or listen to important podcasts.

Hydro-Beat Illumination. IPX7 .

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Reputed brands in the industry have launched a steady stream of inventive shower speakers and shower radios to help today’s tech-savvy consumers make the most of their shower-time. All these models come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can easily find the one that matches your taste and comes under your budget.

About The Product

The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker is a great shower radio that has a multitude of cool features. Not only does it offer great sound, it is built with the best of materials to provide long-term benefits.

Hence, it is fairly convenient to operate. The design is trendy, making you fall in love with this 100% waterproof shower radio. This hi-tech shower speaker delivers top-notch performance with its Bluetooth 4.0 and FM Radio features.

If you want to enjoy an interrupted music session in your bathroom, by the pool or at the beach, this is the product you should invest in to get a flawless performance. Looking at the many features of this great model, it can be a valuable gift for anyone who is looking to upgrade his music equipment.

Strong suction cup makes this waterproof speaker is a perfect travel accessory to take your music anywhere you want. The tough built of this model guarantees no damage due to water exposure. Plus it can stick to all types of smooth surfaces.

Features And Benefits

Not all shower radios and speakers are created equal. You will find some models to be trendier but they fail to perform up to the mark. Shower radios that are multi-faceted often come with a heavy price. Moreover, some cheap models rarely deliver what they claim.

It is important to choose a shower speaker that works best in all kinds of weather conditions. You can check the IPX rating to know if it is truly worth your money.

A reliable and potent shower speaker is not just waterproof, it is also resistant to sand and dust. The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker is designed to work well in the toughest of surroundings. You never have to worry about damaging the speaker accidentally.

Impressive Battery Life

The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a built in Li-Ion Battery that functions up to 8 hours.

Compact Design

The compact and contemporary design gives the Bluetooth speaker a slick look.

Shockproof And Dustproof

Only high quality and durable materials are used for manufacturing these speakers. They are built to sustain harsh weather environments and do not get easily damaged. Unlike other shower radios, this product can submerged without any worries.

Loud And Clear Audio

This is a great accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy loud music and a high bass without compromising on the audio quality. This model is a super-efficient Bluetooth speaker radio that delivers exceptional audio quality.

What Others Are Saying

Customers who have bought this amazing shower radio are happy with their purchase.

The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker delivers high quality audio and comes with smart features.

Since, it is built to perform not just in the shower but also outdoors, users are happy to take this accessory along on their trips and adventures.

It is more affordable and durable than your average portable Bluetooth speaker. Buyers report good connectivity with the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The speakers conveniently pair up with any Bluetooth device.

Hydro-Beat Illumination. IPX7 in the sand.

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Users praise the strong exterior of this speaker. The suction cup is durable and strong and the model is completely water resistant. Whether you use it in shower or take it to the beach, you get a long-lasting battery life that stretches up to 8 hours without any interruption. This shower speak is engineered for bout indoor and outdoor activities.

Customers are happy to buy a product that is portable, great looking and lasts longer than other conventional shower speakers. It is affordable than several other expensive models that offer little functionality. Since, it easily sticks to all smooth surfaces, users find it fairly convenient.

This is an almost weight-less, slick and compact product that users can easily carry with them no matter where they go. Moreover, the built in micro phone lets you talk on the go. Its Bluetooth works fine within 10 meters of your device, so you can answer your calls without harming your phone.

Buying Advice

The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker currently maintains a good rating on Amazon.com where it is available for $30 with free shipping. If you are looking for a weightless, compact and portable shower speaker and shower radio, then this is the perfect product for you. This is a versatile product thanks to it smart design and the removable suction cup.

Simply stick to any smooth surface and you can listen to your favorite music just about anywhere.

Hydro-Beat Illumination. IPX7  in the pool.

source: wireless-sound-shop.info

If your smartphone speaker does little to provide a loud sound, this shower speaker will give you a loud bang for your money. With tremendous pairing capabilities, the durable construction of this portable speaker will make sure you enjoy this model for a long time.

Final Verdict

This is a multitalented shower radio that is called illumination for a reason. You get an LED light around the circumference of this model to add more to the many features of this portable shower radio. This is a valuable product that gives you an impressive performance.

It severs as a shower radio, shower speaker, your workout companion and a portable speaker. You will love it for its features and affordable price tag that guarantees great value for your money.

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